Metals & Impurities


We have a range of equipment and expertise to allow us to identify impurities including trace metals.

We offer a screening program that aims to establish how many impurities are present at a significant level and if required may try and identify such impurities using previous experience and instrumental techniques such as LC-MS-MS GC-MS.

We also offer ICP-OES which is a trace-level, elemental analysis technique that uses the emission spectra of a sample to identify, and quantify the elements present. This allows us to analyse for a range of metals.
Further we can provide a project management service in conjunction with a 3rd party laboratory.

This may include confirmation of the tentative identity of impurities by use of fraction collection NMR and also (if required) we can assist our Client to obtain custom synthesized impurity standards should such standards not be easily available.

We have worked with a large number of impurities and would be happy to discuss your requirements, please contact us for a tailored quotation.