We always like to keep ahead of regulatory changes to offer the best service we can to our clients.

The team have attended a number of CRD courses this year covering the following topics:

  • Guidance on the generation of data on the physical, chemical and technical properties of plant protection products under Regulation EC 1107/2009 produced by CRD
  • Biocides Regulated under Regulation 528/2012
  • Annex II & III Data Requirements
  • Novel areas of guidance
  • Discussion of the guidance document aimed at support in registration/authorisation in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No. 284/2013
  • Update on consultation periods with industry, EFSA and other member states on the proposed guidance document
  • Discussion around  identification of key harmonisation issues and challenges; proposals going forward
  • Physical-Chemical Properties and Storage Stability Workshop
  • Methods of analysis requirements and EU guidance including revisions to SANCO documents; Methods of Analysis – Workshop
  • Classification and Labelling