About Us

Our laboratory is certified under the Department of Health’s GLP scheme, and has been since its foundation in 1989. Our quality assurance department undertakes an internal programme of self inspection to ensure that our exacting standards are met.

Oxford Analytical Limited is an independent company founded in 1989, with the original focus of providing specialist GLP compliant pesticide residue analysis. Since then our services have expanded considerably and we have built upon our original areas of expertise in agrochemicals, technical material, formulated product testing, five batch analysis and storage stability testing. To now include veterinary medicine and pharmaceutical analysis.

Meet the management team

Steve Lee


Steve started his previous company TechniChem Laboratories Ltd. in 1987 and subsequently acquired Oxford Analytical in 2000. He is responsible for its conversion from a crop residue testing laboratory in to a modern service laboratory providing a wide range of analytical expertise. He is a very experienced chartered chemist with over 30 years of working in the specialist area of contaminated land, environmental pollution and agrochemicals testing.

Samuel Hubbard

Managing Director

Sam joined Oxford Analytical Ltd in June 2005 as Laboratory Manager from his previous employment within the pharmaceutical industry where he spent 8 years as a senior analytical chemist. Sam has vast experience in instrumental techniques associated with a modern analytical laboratory and has particular expertise in the identification of impurities (impurity profile), 5 Batch Analysis, Analytical Method Development and Method Validation.

KaMan Cheng

General Manager

KaMan started with the company over 10 years ago as she has progressed to her current Management level through passion, hard work and determination.

She specialises in 5 Batch Analysis and Method development and Validation and has regular attendance at various CRD events to ensure our knowledge on guidance remains current.

Sherry White

QA Manager

Sherry joined Oxford Analytical in 2016, and has many years of Management experience including within GLP compliant facilities. She leads the Quality Assurance team and works independently of the laboratory team, running a system of process based, study based and facility inspections to monitor compliance within the facility with regards to GLP as well as Health and Safety.